About our restaurant Nakahisa

Please come and taste the tradition and soul of “Edomae Sushi” inherited from “Ginza’s big-three” legendary Nakata, and experience a new harmony where contemporary style meets traditional techniques.

Greeting from
Master Chef
Hisashi Murakami:

Born the son of a sushi restauranteur, I aspired from a young age to become a master chef like my father. Following a three-year apprenticeship in Setagaya, Tokyo, I trained at Nakashisa in Roppongi for 16 years under Master Takahisa Suzuki.
With the warm support of my clients and the permission of my master, my dream became a reality with the opening of my own Ginza Sushi Nakahisa in December, 2018. Alongside Edomae sushi, we proudly serve skillfully crafted cuisine with seasonal ingredients, and a little magic, by our chefs.

Master Chef/Owner Hisashi Murakami

Greetings from
Master Takahisa Suzuki
of Nakahisa Roppongi:

The original sushi restaurant Nakata opened in Ginza in 1951, eventually establishing itself as one of the “Ginza’s big three”. I joined part-time in 1972, becoming apprenticed the next year. Fascinated by the first Master Chef, I aspired to become an Edomae sushi chef myeself.
In 1979 I opened Nakahisa Roppongi, where we have been for 39 years. Entrusting the new owner Murakami to protect the tradition and reputation inherited from Nakata to Nakahisa, I am proud to see him establish Ginza Sushi Nakahisa.

Takahisa Suzuki, Owner of Nakahisa Roppongi (December 2018)

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